Marvel’s Avengers: Damage Control Extends Its Run Into 2020

Avengers: Damage Control

Marvel devotees who had perhaps been unable to secure their own tickets for Avengers: Damage Control are in luck.

As the comic book giant’s first-ever foray into virtual reality territory, fans of Earth’s greatest heroes have been incredibly eager to go hands-on with the title, it seems, as creators ILMxLAB and The VOID have since confirmed that the experience has extended its run into 2020. The book-only event, which had originally only been planned to run for a few weeks before supposedly closing its doors for good, will now continue to welcome more adrenaline junkies for a play session well into the New Year.

A revised end date has yet to be announced, however, so those that missed out the first time around will want to register their own slot as soon as possible. Sadly, as before, only select venues in the US and Canada are participating, so you’ll need to book a flight and hotel if you’re coming from overseas. Either way, you can see below for the full list of available locations.

Participating Locations

  • Downtown Disney District in Anaheim, CA
  • Santa Monica, CA
  • Las Vegas, NV
  • Mall of America – Minneapolis, MN
  • Cinemark – Plano, TX
  • The Battery – Atlanta, GA
  • Tysons Corner – Washington, DC
  • Genting Highlands – Malaysia
  • The Rec Room at Round House Park – Toronto, Canada
  • The Rec Room at Square One Shopping Centre – Ontario, Canada
  • The Rec Room at the West Edmonton Mall – Edmonton, Canada

Those that do intend to travel from afar will likely want to know if the trip is worth making beforehand, of course. Fortunately, attendees at a number of preview events prior to public availability have already sung Avengers: Damage Control‘s praises, dubbing it a VR adventure like no other. You needn’t take our word for it, either. Head over here for but a sample of the early reactions or, if you’d rather, see below for a brief summary. Don’t worry – there’s no spoilers.

Assemble alongside Earth’s Mightiest Heroes in Avengers: Damage Control, an all-new virtual reality adventure from Marvel Studios and ILMxLAB. Shuri has recruited your team of four to test her latest prototype design, a powerful new suit that combines Wakandan and Stark Industries technologies. When a familiar enemy from the Avengers’ past seeks to steal the technology for themselves, your team must stop them before they unleash an oppressive new age upon the planet. Fight alongside some of your favorite Avengers like Doctor Strange, Wasp, Ant-Man, and more in a race to protect the world.

As for those of you still unable to attend, all’s not lost. Next year marks the release of Crystal Dynamics’ Marvel’s Avengers for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC and Google Stadia.