Marvel’s Avengers Devs Unveil Original Iron Man Suit From MCU

The 2020 videogame Marvel’s Avengers is leaning into its Marvel Cinematic Universe muse in the latest release of a downloadable outfit, an Iron Man costume ripped straight from the original 2008 film starring Robert Downey Jr. that initially kicked off the MCU.

The Square Enix action role-playing brawler was originally released over a year ago to mixed critical reception, in part due to lack of content. The publisher appears to be trying to get back in the good graces of fans after releasing a number of additional characters, story expansions, and a subsequent re-release to next-gen consoles PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S in March of this year.

The announcement of the latest entry to the roster was made by developer Crystal Dynamics over the official Marvel’s Avengers Twitter.

It follows a number of other pieces of downloadable content, including Black Panther and Hawkeye. Most recently, Crystal Dynamics added a new outfit for Black Panther, whose appearance was crafted on the late Chadwick Boseman’s version of the character from the 2018 film. Before then, the in-game Black Panther appeared quite a bit different than its cinematic counterpart, boasting more of an armor-plated look. The updated wardrobe came off the heels of War for Wakanda, an expansion that added the character to the game as well as a brand new storyline and unique location.

Crystal Dynamics also announced earlier this year that Spiderman will also join the roster of playable characters, exclusive to the Playstation.

The retro Iron Man costume will hit the marketplace for Marvel’s Avengers on September 23.