Marvel’s Avengers Fans Aren’t Happy With Spider-Man’s PlayStation Exclusivity

Everyone’s favorite neighborhood Spider-Man is indeed coming to Marvel’s Avengers, but there’s a massive catch.

As leaked earlier today in a store listing briefly viewable on retail website, Peter Parker and his unequivocally more famous alter ego are, in fact, going to be exclusive to Sony’s family of PlayStation consoles, and will be swinging his way in-game sometime in 2021 – several months after launch. Confirmation of the news comes directly from the official PlayStation Twitter page and, given the timing, is undoubtedly a result of the company feeling forced to show its hand, following the premature reveal by a third party.

So, now that the cat’s out of the bag, how have fans been reacting to the news? Unsurprisingly, it appears as if the majority of those on social media are giving the move a definite thumbs down, with criticisms largely originating from the view that exclusivity deals are deeply anti-consumer and/or unfair. You can check out some of the early reactions below for yourselves after the break.

Even some PlayStation owners aren’t happy with the decision.

A boycott in all but name.

Locking content behind specific console ownership just isn’t cool, even for those who own multiple consoles.

Sony’s apparently in it for the money above all and doesn’t care about being “gamer-friendly.”

Nobody’s a winner when it comes to immature console wars.

Can’t we all just be friends?

As anyone with even a vague understanding of Spider-Man will know, of course, this development should come as absolutely no surprise. Despite Disney’s best attempts to wrestle control of the franchise back from the Japanese company, Sony owns the film and video game rights to all things Spider-Man, meaning it – not Disney or Marvel – has the final say on how the character is used in both mediums.

Does this mean that Spider-Man will never make his way to Xbox or PC versions of Marvel’s Avengers? We couldn’t possibly say either way, but it’s not looking hopeful, that’s for sure. As always, though, be sure to let us know what you make of the situation in the usual place below!