Spider-Man Officially Coming To Marvel’s Avengers As PlayStation Exclusive

Spider-Man PS4

Hot on the heels of the Marvel’s Avengers beta announcement comes an update from the PlayStation Blog that most fans were expecting and quite excited for. It’s now official: Spider-Man is going to be playable exclusively in the PlayStation 4/PlayStation 5 version of the game. Spidey will be released as a post-launch playable character – just like Hawkeye, who isn’t system exclusive – and will be available to owners of the base game at “at no additional cost” in early 2021.

It does make a lot of sense that the web-head would make his way into the game after Insomniac’s first-party Spider-Man project, Marvel’s Spider-Man, was such a huge hit. The wall-crawler has sort of become a Sony system mascot at this point, too, with the limited edition PlayStation 4 Pro console releasing in conjunction with the game and the pseudo-sequel Spider-Man: Miles Morales being announced for the PlayStation 5. Adding him to the roster was basically a no-brainer, then, especially given his universal appeal as a fan-favorite character.

The blog post also breaks down how the team at Crystal Dynamics is working toward making sure Spider-Man’s signature acrobatic traversal and combat style is integrated into the game. They’re adding to his already impressive radioactive bug-enhanced powers with tech upgrades, too, giving him “complete access to the impressive technology available to the team, such as custom web shooter-based technology from Hank Pym, SHIELD, Stark Industries, and more.”

The friendly neighborhood superhero will be getting his own in-game event as part of the downloadable drop as well, which includes a series of challenges that have yet to be detailed. And while it doesn’t sound like Spider-Man will be getting any individual character story missions in Marvel’s Avengers, it’s hardly a bad deal at the price of free.