Marvel’s Spider-Man Is Officially The Fastest-Selling First-Party PlayStation Game Ever


Well, that certainly didn’t last long.

Back in April, Sony Santa Monica’s God of War reboot clinched the title of the fastest-selling first-party PlayStation game in history (our review), totaling 3.1 million sales in just three days. That’s an impressive feat in and of itself, but it’s now Peter Parker’s turn to step into the limelight.

Per Sony, Marvel’s Spider-Man is now officially the fastest-selling PlayStation first-party game ever made, after shipping 3.3 million copies across the same timeframe. That figure translates to roughly $198 million in only three days – higher than Spider-Man: Homecoming‘s opening weekend of $117 million. Make no mistake, Marvel’s Spider-Man is a sales juggernaut.

So much so, in fact, that the open-world actioner has “met and exceeded all expectations.” That’s according to Stephen Turvey, PlayStation’s global senior vice president of sales and head of North America business operations, who offered a brief statement to USA Today in light of the sales milestone.

Our expectations are always set at the highest levels. [Our aim was to bring] Spider-Man back to gaming in a way that you want to experience it. It’s met and exceeded all expectations. I think the company and the campus and our fans are super proud of it.

So what’s next for Spidey? The first port of call will be the City That Never Sleeps expansion pack, which kicks off next month with The Heist. It’ll signal the introduction of Peter’s former flame, Felicia Hardy (AKA Black Cat), before the second two chapters – namely Turf Wars and Silver Lining – arrive between now and Christmas.

Here’s a reminder of that milestone, courtesy of PlayStation:

A possible sequel has also been floated by Insomniac, and after such an incredible, record-setting performance, it’s surely only a matter of time before Marvel’s Spider-Man gets the follow-up it deserves.