Marvel’s Avengers Will Include Both Classic And Brand New Costumes


From here on out, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is going to be a very different beast to the one fans have come to love. With Avengers: Endgame officially bringing several character arcs to their end, Phase Four looks set to commence the infusion of new blood into the film franchise. Indeed, if the Avengers return, it will be with a drastically changed line-up, but fear not – a hero’s work is never done.

Next year’s Marvel’s Avengers will reunite every original member under one banner once more to fight evil, and while developer Crystal Dynamics has put their own spin on each iconic member, they’re still every bit the saviours you remember. With that said, not everyone is happy with some particular redesigns (or, for that matter, the occlusion of certain individuals), but don’t be too quick to jump on the hate bandwagon. With customization already primed to be a key pillar of Marvel’s Avengers, the potential for playing dress-up with your favourite heroes is as deep as it is wide.

With decades of material to draw from, Crystal would be wasting one doozy of an opportunity in not representing each era with suitable attire and thankfully, it isn’t. Speaking to GameSpot post-reveal, Marvel Games director Bill Rosemann spoke of the various customization options it plans to make available to players. Besides confirming that Crystal has designed its own brand new additions to Cap and Tony Stark’s collections, he goes on to say that several will be based on the original comic book designs.

Last year’s PS4 exclusive Spider-Man, while created by a different developer, provided a wealth of different outfits for Parker to wear while fighting crime, perhaps indicating a similar number for Marvel’s Avengers. Both games are part of the same universe, after all, and given the former’s success, Marvel will assuredly have taken note of the praise given to Spidey’s suite of wardrobe options.

In regards to how many options each hero will have and whether they’ll be unlockable or paid-for are all questions still without answers. Expect further details to surface as we inch ever closer to release, though.

Source: GameSpot