Marvel’s Avengers Leak Reveals Seasonal Santa Skin For Hulk


Marvel’s Avengers fans eager to visually distinguish their band of heroes from others when heading online can expect a wealth of customization options to arrive in the near future, it seems.

The long-awaited action adventure title, which borrows numerous live service gameplay elements from the likes of Bungie and Ubisoft’s Destiny and The Division IPs, respectively, gives fans the opportunity to live out the ultimate power fantasy of playing as Thor, Hulk, Iron Man and other iconic comic book characters in the eternal fight against evil. Now that the ambitious title has been available for a solid week, players will have undoubtedly had plenty of time to see the credits roll on Marvel’s Avengers‘ single-player narrative (did you stick around for the mysterious mid-credits scene?) and started taking their first tentative steps into the realms of multiplayer.

Here, various additional skins can be unlocked for each warrior via the completion of challenges and XP accrual or, for those who prefer, real cash can be spent on in-game purchases for new wardrobe options. The current selection, while welcome, could do with expanding, however, and, thanks to several images recently discovered by Twitter user Marvel Cloud, it looks as if Crystal is already on the ball.

While no official name appears to exist for this version of Bruce Banner’s alter-ego, the messy white hair and shredded red pants certainly give off the impression of a Santa-themed Hulk. That being the case, this could be first hint that Marvel’s Avengers will play host to seasonal events to tie-in with the year’s biggest holidays, and with Halloween only a few weeks away, we’d be surprised if Crystal didn’t have a whole host of spooky creations lined up for the occasion.

Already have your own ideas for how each of Marvel’s Avengers protagonists could be dressed to impress on October 31st? Let us know what you’d like to see in the usual place below!