Marvel’s Avengers Open Beta Now Available On All Platforms

Marvel's Avengers

If you’ve browsed the internet for any length of time over the last week or so, chances are you’ve heard a thing or two about the Marvel’s Avengers beta.

Crystal Dynamics’ ambitious superhero experience hits retail exactly two weeks from now, with fans who pre-ordered ahead of launch being granted entry into various online stress tests. Thanks, no doubt, to its close relationship with Marvel and Square Enix, Sony secured timed exclusivity to the beta for PlayStation 4 owners, though the trial has since opened up to other platforms. From today, however, the pre-existing requirement to pre-order will no longer be in effect, meaning anyone with a PS4, Xbox One and/or PC can jump in and have a go.

Naturally, due to the influx of new players, you shouldn’t be surprised to experience server issues or network lag over the two-day period, though given how much time Cyrstal’s had to prepare, one can only hope such issues are kept to a minimum. Either way, the floodgates are scheduled to swing open at 9 pm local time, so you’ve got solid few hours to complete the beta client’s download.

In addition to the above, Crystal has just rolled out a big update for all versions of the game aimed at fixing a few outstanding bugs and issues. Many of these are platform-specific optimizations, though some, such as rare instances of gear disappearing and delayed loot drops, are irritants that should now be universally fixed. Other adjustments include improvements to vaulting, motion blur reductions when in flight or sprinting and various matchmaking improvements.

Marvel’s Avengers is out next month, September 4th, for PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Stadia, with all post-launch DLC, including characters, being free of charge. In fact, thanks to the efforts of data miners, we may already know many of the superheroes joining the fight against A.I.M. in the future and beyond. See here for all the details.