Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 May’ve Been Teased By Miles Morales Actor

Spider-Man PS4

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, while certainly a solid launch game for PlayStation 5 likely responsible for pushing console sales based on branding alone, didn’t quite manage to reach or exceed the highs of its predecessor when it arrived last year. Then again, as a title intended to bridge the gap between 2018’s installment and a fully-fledged future sequel (pre-release confusion aside), Insomniac’s adherence to iteration rather than innovation was to be somewhat expected.

Where the series will go from here has yet to be officially determined, of course, and while a numbered entry featuring both Wall Crawlers is the next expected item on the menu, there’s every chance that the developer could choose to tide fans over with more bite-sized content drops such as DLC. That being the case, there’s no way of knowing exactly what new project actor Nadji Jeter just teased on his Instagram account, though suffice it to say that the reveal was probably premature.

As spotted by Twitter account Daily Miles Morales (H/T, ComicBook), Jeter, Morales’ voice actor in last year’s game, recently posted and swiftly deleted a picture of himself clearly wearing a motion capture suit. Naturally, the assumption is that production for a new Spidey adventure is full steam ahead and that Jeter is back in the studio for that purpose, though in the absence of any props or costumes confirming as such, it’s equally likely that this performance is for an altogether different role.

For what it’s worth, Sony has yet to hold an annual State of Play event dedicated to its first-party studios, so there’s a good chance that when it does, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will be present, in turn hopefully providing some much-needed context to this potential leak, so stay tuned.