Massive Worlds And Moral Dilemmas Await In Star Wars Battlefront II


As much as we all may want to see it, it appears that EA is holding back the first gameplay reveal for Star Wars Battlefront II until next month’s E3 at the earliest, but that doesn’t mean the massive development team involved in the sequel don’t have plenty to share before the fruits of their labor are put on display for all to see.

We’ve already been privy to a handful of cinematic trailers showcasing the sci-fi universe we all know and love, but today’s offering gives those working day and night on the shooter the chance to talk about the various components that will make up the tantalizing whole that’ll arrive later this year.

Everything, including multiplayer, vehicle combat and the sheer scale of each and every battle in Battlefront II is primed to be bigger, better and morally denser than its predecessor, and you can see just how the various teams involved plan to make those ambitions a reality in the above video. Don’t forget, either, that a dedicated single-player campaign is on the cards this time around, which will unfold through the eyes of an Imperial – rather than Rebel – point of view.

Iden Versio, an Imperial soldier, will be at the forefront of the unique narrative spin on the Star Wars universe, and you can find out more about her motives and backstory by heading through here.

Star Wars Battlefront II is out November 17 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC and, like most EA titles these days, those that subscribe to the publisher’s EA/Origin Access service will have the enviable opportunity to play it one week ahead of official launch.

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