New Secret Spots And Shortcuts Discovered On The Apex Legends Map


Apex Legends developer Respawn Entertainment has hinted at the arrival of new maps several times in the past but so far, just one – Kings Canyon – is available in-game. Its eclectic mix of pristine facilities, rural villages and deep canyons have so far proven to provide plenty of opportunity for varied play and strategizing, but just how familiar are you, with the landscape?

As it turns out, every inch of Kings Canyon is worth scrutinizing as, if a recent video posted by YouTuber and Apex Legends player Mfewke is anything to go by, shortcuts and hidden vantage points are aplenty. You just need to know where to look.

Chances are if you’re a Pathfinder main, some of these well-hidden locations will already be familiar, thanks to the Legend’s grappling hook providing superior terrain traversal, but we’re betting at least one of the 11 spots pointed out in the video will come as news to you.

Some of these, as you can see, will require that you’re already well in-tune with Apex Legends‘ controls and require a certain degree of precision platforming. That’s especially the case for the gargantuan skeletons in Two Spines, but by using the Jump Tower near to the unidentifiable deceased beasts, landing atop them – and granting yourself a hugely advantageous line of sight – will prove much easier than attempting to climb them manually.

Of course, whether or not Respawn ever intended for players to attempt such feats is another matter entirely, but the above example is a terrific instance of emergent gameplay that any player with enough practice can achieve, so I can’t imagine the developer will sweat folks using the oversized carcass in such a manner.

Some unintended interactions, however, certainly are causing problems in Apex Legends. Besides a recently discovered bug affecting PC frame rates, players have begun reporting wonky hit detection for Legend hitboxes. For the current sit-rep on both issues, sere here for all the details.