Max Payne 3: Multiplayer Trailer #2

Rockstar Games is doing all it can to spread the word about the multiplayer modes found in Max Payne 3. This second sequel marks the first time that competitive online action will appear in one of the series’ releases, so it’s easy to understand why the company is putting so much money into advertising its addition. After all, a large part of the gaming community only plays multiplayer – something which I don’t really understand.

A new, multiplayer-focused Max Payne 3 trailer has surfaced, and it’s full of action-packed gameplay. Vendettas, Bursts and Gang Wars are showcased within its bullet-filled run-time, letting the world see exactly how those things work.

If you haven’t heard, the game’s Gang Wars mode creates five-chapter online matches based on events from its single player campaign. There are ten different game types available, allowing for quite a bit of variety. At the end of each match, the teams’ results will go towards altering what is a “dynamically shifting storyline.”

Sounds interesting.

Max Payne 3 will bring its slow-motion shootouts to consoles on May 15. A PC release will occur on May 29.

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