Media Molecule Teases New Game With Toyah’s It’s A Mystery Video

A NeoGAF forum user discovered a page on LittleBigPlanet developer Media Molecule‘s website today that appears to tease a new game with an embedded video of the 1981 song It’s A Mystery by the English singer and actress Toyah Wilcox.

The Wayback Machine lists the page as being crawled as early as July 17, 2012 — about a month before Media Molecule announced Tearaway. Considering how long the teaser page has been in existence, the natural assumption is that it is actually an old page for that game. There are, however, a couple of facts that seem to indicate that it is for an unrelated project.

The first is that Tearaway already has its own page on Media Molecule’s website, and it does not appear to be connected to this new game. Additionally, the studio told Eurogamer last August that they had a “second project” in development, aside from Tearaway, that was “very much in an R&D phase” at the time.

The site’s source code reveals nothing about the nature of the mystery title, but does contain references to “what are we doing at the moment” and “new game”. Additionally, the code mentions the date February 17, 2013.

With Sony’s expected reveal of the PlayStation 4 on February 20th fast approaching, it is possible that we will soon hear something official about this mystery game that Media Molecule has apparently been working on. As soon as anything is announced we will let you know.