Mew-Genics Lets You Freeze Cats For Future Use

Over the past eleven weeks Team Meat has perfected the art of teasing their upcoming multiplatform game about cats, Mew-Genics, without actually revealing anything about how the game works or exactly what it is about. This week’s teaser follows that same pattern of being a completely non-informative announcement that introduces the slightly disturbing in-game ability to freeze genetically modified kittens for later use.

Players will have access to Mew-Genics’ “Cryo-Cube 5000!” which will let them instantly freeze kittens, edible objects, or any other animal that will fit within the tube. Think of it as your own private Carbon-Freezing Chamber, only you don’t need to maintain a small army of Ugnaughts to activate the thing.

Team Meat’s official description of the Cryo-Cube 5000! reads:

Have you ever loved something so much that you wanted to bring it into the future so your childrens, children could enjoy it? or how about simply wanting to put something on ice before you get arrested for animal abuse? or how about just needing to freeze a kitten seconds before you off yourself so your future self can look at it on the wall to remember the life you once had?

well guess what? this is all now possible by using the Cryo-Cube 5000! freezing cats / food / neighborhood squirrels has never been so easy!

The future is now!

It is completely unclear how the Cryo-Cube 5000! fits in with the rest of the game or if you will have to thaw out your frozen cats in before you enter them into Mr. Tinkles annual Boon County Cat Pageant. If we were betting game writers, we would say that the pageant only excepts non-frozen participants but it is anyone’s guess at this point.

We will keep an eye out for any further details about Mew-Genics and let you know as soon as Team Meat announces anything that makes sense.