Microsoft Pledges To Speed Up Xbox One’s User Interface With Future Updates


Shortly after the general rollout of the console’s April update, Xbox One users have already turned their attention to the new bells and whistles that will be making their way to the system during the month of May and beyond. Specifically, what these changes will bring to the Windows-styled user interface.

As a matter of fact, Microsoft has revealed that speeding up the Xbox One’s UI remains a high priority for the company and that users should expect to see incremental tweaks to the menus and various social functions over the coming months. That’s according to Xbox Boss Phil Spencer, who revealed the following via Twitter

Whether you love or loathe the Xbox One’s user interface will largely come down to your own personal preference, but there’s no denying that the general user experience can be sluggish at times, even when the system is only running a handful of applications. The console’s Snap function is perhaps one of the main culprits, which causes the interface to chug and stutter as it places two active applications side by side. It’s good news, then, that Microsoft is aware of the issue and working on a fix, though it remains to be seen exactly when the streamlined UI will be made available.

Tell us, do you have any qualms with the Xbox One‘s user interface? If so, let us know using the comments below.

Source: Twitter