Microsoft Set To Reveal New Xbox One Controller At E3


Only a few months ago, Microsoft’s Phil Spencer claimed that E3 2015 would herald one of the company’s biggest showcases to date, though it seems one such announcement has slipped out ahead of time. In a surprising twist of events, it was Microsoft’s Xbox Support website that proved to be the company’s own undoing – more often than not, Reddit and NeoGaf are responsible for untimely leaks – which revealed that a new Xbox One controller replete with a 3.5mm port is on the brink of announcement.

Though the post has since been taken down from the support forum, it did specify that the new-fangled headphone port located at the base of the pad – much like the DualShock 4 – will only be featured in controllers after June, essentially confirming its place among Microsoft’s E3 plans. When contacted for an official statement on the matter, the hardware giant remained mum, issuing the age-old ‘don’t respond to rumors and speculation’ response.

Per GameSpot:

“We’re gearing up for an exciting E3 where we’ll showcase more games and experiences. We have nothing further to share at this time.”

Aside from the 3.5mm headphone port, there’s not an awful lot that Microsoft has changed, with the unreleased controller retaining the same form factor as the day one pad. Mind you, this could be one of a number of alterations the company is making for the peripheral, though we’ll just have to wait patiently before we learn anything more.

We’ll have all the news from Microsoft’s E3 showcase as it happens on Monday, June 15. In the meantime, you can feast your eyes on a diagram of the purported Xbox One controller below.


Source: GameSpot