There’s A Miiverse Glitch That Lets Users Post Any Image


Uh-oh. It looks like the kid-friendly Nintendo-themed social platform Miiverse might get a bit unsafe over the course of the next few hours. According to reports (and actual posts), a glitch in the Miiverse community for Mario & Luigi: Dream Team is allowing users to post any picture they like. Normally only screenshots are allowed, making this a massive breach of rules and protocol. A lot of the results thus far are all in good fun, but putting adult content in front of kids is never cool.

A Miiverse user has explained the exploit, which works as follows.

This only works without the update for the game. You open another game or application that can be suspended, then you launch Dream Team. Rapidly press the HOME button repeatedly so that you will return to the HOME Menu the second that the 3DS logo is gone. Then rapidly press the HOME button repeatedly again to go back to the game for a second and return to the HOME Menu. —wait—

This will cause the game to display an image from your previous software (in this case the camera app), or just random colors. This is most likely due to some data from the previous software remaining in the RAM.

Or, the alternative method.

Open the camera app, then open the mario and luigi. But press Home really fast so it takes you to the home menu before the game starts. Then do the same, go to the game for a second but press it fast again. IT should show an image of the camera app or colors. Go in, chose the picture come to miiverse. Note, it wont work if you have updated it.

Sheesh. Well, if this is something you’ve always wanted to pull off on Miiverse, now’s your chance. Just make sure you hurry up, because this is unlikely to last for long.