Minecraft Console Edition Welcomes The Post-Apocalypse With Fallout Mash-Up Pack


Minecraft is about to go nuclear on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Wii U and Vita: Microsoft and Mojang have revealed today that Bethesda’s post-apocalyptic Fallout series is coming to the sandbox title in the near future. The Fallout Mash-Up Pack, which is due to launch on last-gen consoles too, introduces 44 new and suitably themed character skins based on “beloved characters from the series, including the likes of Fawkes the philosophical supermutant; robo-sleuth, Nick Valentine; Tinker Tom; Paladin Cross; Jangles The Moon Monkey and Vault Boy himself,” says the official website.

Complimenting the above will be a host of new pre-made worlds and locations, including Fallout 3‘s Tenpenny Tower and Capitol Building and blocky representations of the creatures that reside in and around them. Two-headed cows, giant spiders, ghouls and, of course, the brutish super mutants are just some of the delights you’ll encounter in Minecraft‘s scorched wasteland. For an added touch of authenticity, Mojang has also overhauled the game’s UI for the DLC pack, bringing it more in line with the Fallout series’ own Pip-Boy and its neon green hue.

Fallout is just the latest franchise to be immortalized in Minecraft‘s endearing world – the likes of Halo, Mass Effect and even Nintendo’s Mario have all been adapted, one way or another, within its universe of near-endless possibilities. For a taste of what wonders (and dangers) await you when this new add-on goes live, have a gander at the trailer above.