Super Mario Mash-Up Pack Lands On Minecraft: Wii U Edition May 18


A free update is being released for the Wii U edition of Minecraft on May 18, bringing with it a bunch of Mario-themed skins, textures, music and, of course, a full pre-made world full of blocky statues resembling your favorite characters from the series. Ever wanted to recreate your own authentic-looking Super Mario stage in Minecraft? Well, it looks like your dream has come true.

Here’s Nintendo’s own description of the “match made in block-shaped heaven” update headed your way next week.

In a match made in block-shaped heaven, Nintendo is partnering with Mojang and Microsoft to bring the imaginative worlds of the Super Mario series and Minecraft together. On May 18th the Super Mario Mash-Up Pack comes exclusively to Minecraft: Wii U Edition as a free game update. For the first time ever, players will be able to fend off blocky Hammer Bros. and Dry Bones the same way they do Creepers and Zombies.

For a glimpse of what a world that combines the magic of Nintendo and Mojang together into one universe looks like, you can watch the trailer above in preparation for May 18. This crossover has to be the biggest no-brainer ever, but it’s not the first time that popular franchises have been immortalized in Minecraft‘s pixelated world. The likes of Halo, Mass Effect, Skyrim and LittleBigPlanet have all successfully made the transition, but what’s next?

The possibilities are literally endless, but we think an official Pokemon mash-up has to be on the cards. Don’t you agree?