Monster Hunter XX Announced For 3DS In Japan, Releases March 18

Monster Hunter Generations

Capcom’s 3DS title Monster Hunter X is going extra large next year with a giant expansion that adds more of basically everything. Announced as part of a special Japan-only Nintendo Direct earlier today, Monster Hunter XX will be an updated version of the original that continues to build upon existing content with new difficulty levels, monsters and areas.

Due to release on March 18, those that pick up XX will gain access to “two new Hunter Styles, the G-rank difficulty level seen in past entries and a new hub world set aboard an Airship.” At least one new monster type will be introduced, as well as Deviant versions of existing monsters.

Sadly, what with the Direct presentation being Japan-only, it’s unclear as to whether Capcom intends to bring the expansion to the West, but we did receive the base game in the form of Monster Hunter Generations a few months after the Japanese version, so we’ll be surprised if it’s not at least under consideration.

Interestingly, although Nintendo stated prior to the Direct that no new Nintendo Switch news would be shared, the March release date for Monster Hunter XX could be an indirect suggestion that the popular RPG series will see some sort of release on the upcoming console, which launches around the same time.