Nintendo’s Holding A Monster Hunter-Focused Direct Presentation Later This Week


Nintendo plans to hold another Direct presentation later this week, but it won’t have anything to do with the recently announced Nintendo Switch console.

Instead, we’ll be finding out more about the latest goings on for the Monster Hunter series, although we don’t really know much beyond that. The announcement comes by way of a post on Nintendo’s Japanese Twitter account, with no English counterpart having been released as yet.

Either way, we’ll get more details on October 27 when the presentation begins, although you’ll need to get an early start to watch it all – it kicks off at 7am EST or 8pm in Japan.

We can only speculate, but our guess is that the Direct will focus on DLC news for existing games in the series, including Monster Hunter Generations, which released for 3DS earlier this year.

Another possibility is an announcement for an entirely new title. Information released by Capcom earlier in the year at its investor relations meeting confirmed that they had three then-unannounced titles in development, one of which was a brand new Monster Hunter title.

We think it a little strange that Capcom would unveil such a thing on a Nintendo Direct presentation, though, so perhaps we’ll just get a teaser.