More Details Revealed For Battlefield 1’s Upcoming Expansions, Free Trial Begins March 3

Battlefield 1‘s borders are all set to expand into new territories this year, something we’ve known for quite some time thanks to the game’s Premium Pass, but today sees EA and DICE finally put a name to the various add-ons headed your way over the coming months. Most are likely already aware of the period shooter’s first proper expansion – They Shall Not Pass – thanks to the readily available trailers doing the rounds, but what else lies on the horizon beyond its release in March?

The names of Battlefield 1‘s next three expansion packs are as follows:

  • In the Name of the Tsar
  • Turning Tides
  • Apocalypse

We’ll get to the first two shortly, but it’s the third that’s piqued our interest the most. According to EA (via GameSpot), Apocalypse will focus on the most “infamous battles of WWI,” and include “unique weapons born out of desperation and deadlock.” Given that the Great War lasted for more than four years, there’s certainly no shortage of well-documented battles and campaigns fought during the period, so it’ll be interesting to see which conflicts DICE opts to immortalize in video game form.

As for In the Name of the Tsar and Turning Tides, the former will see players enlisted in the Russian army and experience one of the world’s most lethal military campaigns – the Brusilov offensive – while Turning Tides will have a naval focus and pay particular attention to the Gallipoli campaign. Release dates for each expansion are still forthcoming, but they’re all included in Battlefield 1‘s Premium Pass.

We’ll keep an eye out for future developments, but in the meantime, Battlefield 1‘s servers are open to all Xbox One Gold and Origin members this weekend, March 3. You can find the exact start and end times for the trial period by heading over here.