Mortal Kombat 11 Reportedly Adding Rambo In Upcoming DLC


Mortal Kombat 11‘s gigantic roster is due to expand even further in the near future, it would seem.

Following the release of several DLC characters (some native to the MK franchise, others long-awaited guests) last year, developer NetherRealm seemingly tied up all remaining loose ends for the title back in April with Aftermath. The expansion, which added a handful of additional fighters, including Fujin, Sheeva and 80s movie icon RoboCop, also marked a first for the series by introducing all-new story content – an extended epilogue, of sorts, taking place directly after Kronika’s defeat in the base campaign.

Had director Ed Boon and his team decided to close shop, so to speak, and pursue other projects following the delivery of Aftermath, it’s unlikely any fans would have batted an eyelid, but it now looks as if the studio still has more love to give MK11 before considering its work to be done. According to modder Thethiny, freshly-discovered game files appear to suggest that three new combatants are on the way, one of which could be Rambo.

Similarly to the leaks that outed RoboCop several months ago, the file name ‘CHAR_RAM’ heavily suggests that the Vietnam War veteran (played by Sylvester Stallone across several films) will be joining the fight alongside two other returning MK mainstays. One of these, according to Thethiny, is likely to be Edenian warrior Rain, with the third remaining a complete mystery. All the above will be available as part of a ‘GOTY2’ (Game of the Year) bundle, says the leaker, which could well include previously leaked audio recordings from actors who appeared in the original 1995 Mortal Kombat film. Those who missed that story can head over here for all the details.

In the meantime, we’ll be keeping a close eye on all of Mortal Kombat 11‘s socials for further developments, so stay tuned.