Mortal Kombat 11’s Terminator DLC Leaks Online

Terminator Arnie

NetherRealm continued to hold its claim over the title of gaming’s bloodiest fighting franchise back in April with Mortal Kombat 11.

The sequel, which attracted rave reviews across the board for its meaty single-player story, technically accomplished combat and suite of modes and unlockables, has gone down a treat with fans. Since launch, the community has drawn up early tier-lists as a means of discerning which existing roster member is best, though such rankings are far from set in stone. In fact, each should be considered preliminary at best, considering that MK11‘s cast is far from finalized.

Indeed, NetherRealm had outlined, prior to release, that this iteration of the series would see several DLC fighters added post-launch, the first of which is confirmed to be Shang Tsung. The wicked sorcerer is an iconic mainstay of the series, so it only makes sense for such a candidate to come first, but who else is in line? Well, both Sindel and Nightwolf will be joining their fellow Mortal Kombat veteran in the near future, as too, will three guest characters.

As revealed at the climax of Shang Tsung’s gameplay reveal, Todd McFarlane’s Spawn (complete with original voice actor, no less) is first, though thanks to a recent leak from an unlikely source, we now know a second – Terminator.

Do note, of course, that nothing is 100% confirmed until it arrives via the horse’s mouth, but the ad below leaves little room for error. No doubt a result of a mistake on someone’s part, the now-removed listing clearly mentions Mortal Kombat 11 and James Cameron’s film series in the same sentence, and given that prior leaks have already strongly hinted at the Terminator’s appearance, the crossover is essentially a shoo-in at this point.

With that said, don’t expect an official acknowledgement of the leak anytime soon. With Spawn being the first of three guest characters in-line to join the fray, it’ll be a while yet until NetherRealm is ready to show more.

Regardless, feel free to pass the time by letting us know in the comments below which model Terminator you’d like to see introduced to Mortal Kombat 11!