A Mystery Is Afoot In The Console Trailer For Firewatch


That PlayStation E3 conference was something else, huh? Between The Last Guardian re-reveal, Final Fantasy VII remake announcement and rollicking new footage from Uncharted 4, the heavy hitters were out in full force. Buried in between those announcements, though, was the console trailer for a small title known as Firewatch.

Developed by the team over at Campo Santo, Firewatch casts players in the role of Henry, a man who has recently moved to the wilderness of Wyoming. Now working as a fire lookout in the woods, Henry soon finds himself drawn further into the forest he is tasked with protecting. While mostly a solitary journey, our protagonist can speak to his supervisor, Delilah, over his handheld radio.

Details are scarce for Firewatch so far, and the console debut trailer does little to clarify things. We see Henry explore his surroundings, chop some trees and even bond with a turtle. However, following the disappearance of two girls, some strange happenings begin to occur. It seems that someone or something may have followed Henry to his new home.

While it would have been nice to have some additional information, consider me intrigued by Firewatch. The colorful graphics immediately stand out and the mysterious story already has me interested.

No release date has been set for Firewatch yet, but Campo Santo is shooting for a 2015 launch for the title.