Mythical Pokemon Victini Is The Latest Freebie Available For Your 3DS Games

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Continuing Nintendo and Game Freak’s 20th Pokemon anniversary celebrations, Victini is the latest mythical creature being made available for free to all owners of Pokemon X, Y, Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire.

Running from today until September 24, this version of the enigmatic rabbit-like critter comes at level 100, so you won’t have to worry yourself about grinding out levels at the Elite Four for hours on end.

In regards to abilities; Incinerate, Quick Attack, Endure and Confusion are the four attacks the Psychic/Fire-type comes with, but as always, there’s nothing stopping you from wiping its mind with your own TMs to suit your own tastes. Victory Star, a hidden ability unique to Victini, increases the accuracy of all moves performed by it and its allies by 10%.

You’ve got a few weeks until the event ends yet, but if you’ve got your 3DS at hand as you’re reading this, just boot up your chosen game and select Mystery Gift from the main menu then receive gift via internet.

Don’t forget – the newest entries in the long-running franchise – Pokemon Sun and Moon – launch for 3DS on November 20, so you won’t want to miss this chance to bolster your ranks to get a head start on Generation 7.

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