Pokemon Sun And Moon’s Newest Pokedex Addition Is A Sandcastle


It appears as if there’s not a single everyday object in our world that can’t be the inspiration for a new Pokemon. No, the title you read before clicking on this news post wasn’t trying to exaggerate – one of Pokemon Sun and Moon‘s newest characters is, in fact, a sandcastle.

You can watch the new footage released at Gamescom yourselves above, but we assure you – it’s not a lie. The small mound of sand you see is the aptly-named Sandygast, a Ghost/Ground hybrid Pokemon that evolves into the much grander Palossand.

Two other critters were revealed in the trailer. Stufful, who we’ve already covered thanks to the folks at Japanese gaming mag CoroCoro, is the pre-evolved form of Bewear and has the most goofy facial expression we’ve ever seen.

Last on the list this time around is Crabawler, a pure Fighting-type crustacean that has boxing glove-shaped pincers. What will they think of next, a Pokemon themed after a bag of trash? Oh right, that’s already been done.

Pokemon Sun and Moon come to Nintendo 3DS on November 20, and will surely benefit from a boost in sales thanks to the continued popularity of Pokemon Go. Although it’s not all sunshine and rainbows for developer Niantic right now…