Newest Issue Of CoroCoro Reveals Several New Pokemon Sun And Moon Characters


Several new scans from Japanese gaming magazine CoroCoro have popped up on encyclopaedic Pokemon site Serebii with new details for Pokemon Sun and Moon, revealing several new creatures, as well as more new forms for members of the classic Kanto Pokedex.

As is usually the case with these early reveals, all of the names you see below are subject to change, as they’re rough translations of the original Japanese ones, but they’re more often than not pretty close to the official English translations.

You’ve probably already seen that bizarre living sandcastle pictured above and yes, it is in fact one of the new additions to Sun and Moon’s roster.

The new characters are as follows:

Sunabaa and Shirodesuna

These two sandcastles are both Ghost/Ground-type Pokemon, with the latter, bigger version being the evolved form of Sunabaa.


Nuikohuma is the pre-evolved form of previous reveal Bewear, and has the same type as the latter; Normal/Fighting.


Yowashi is a pure Water-type fish Pokemon that “appears to have the ability to change its appearance from its Single Form” into a larger version, dubbed the ‘School Form’.

New Alola Forms

Remember that totally wacky new form revealed last week of an Exeggutor with a huge, giraffe-like neck? Yeah, that’s an Alola Form, and CoroCoro has now revealed a few more. Meowth and Marowak have been reinvigorated this time around, with the former being given the Dark attribute and the latter being designated a Fire/Ghost element.

To see all of the new scans, you can head over to the relevant page here. As always, expect a follow-up gameplay trailer soon that showcases all of the new Pocket Monsters.

Pokemon Sun and Moon launch for 3DS this November.