Mythical Pokemon Volcanion Now Available Via Download Code At Participating Retailers


Almost an entire year has passed since The Pokemon Company revealed the 721st Pokedex entry to fans the world over, yet ever since then, we’ve heard nary a whisper as to how one actually obtains the mythical Volcanion in-game. Technically introduced with the X&Y series (his code was uncovered within the two games files), today is the first time the Water/Fire type can be obtained in the West legitimately.

As with past distributions, this particular promotion asks you to visit applicable retailers to obtain a code for use in-game. See below for start and end dates for each territory and which retailer you need to visit.

  • United States – GameStop. Ends October 31.
  • Canada – EB Games. Ends October 31.
  • UK – GAME stores. Ends November 23.
  • Australia & New Zealand – EB Games. Ends October 31.

Volcanion is the only existing Pokemon to have the Water/Fire dual type, a potent combination that has as many strengths as it does weaknesses. The version of the legendary creature you’ll obtain from the above stores will come with the signature move Steam Eruption, a combination of both elements.

In related news, the newest entries in the long-running series, Pokemon Sun and Moon, launch November 18 for Nintendo 3DS. See here for all of our coverage.