Naughty Dog Finally Details The Last Of Us Future DLC Plans

the last of us dlc (3)

As promised, Naughty Dog has finally laid out their downloadable content plans for The Last of Us, revealing that season pass buyers will receive the first DLC drop mid October.

It is probably best to get the disappointing news out of the way up front. The highly anticipated story-driven single player DLC will not be released first, and it is currently scheduled to launch “around the December-January timeframe.” According to the update, Naughty Dog has just wrapped up casting for “a new character,” and they will start the motion capture process next week. Very few details were provided as to what the single player DLC will be about, but the studio did say that it “is an ambitious story with strong ties into the narrative of The Last of Us.”

The first of The Last of Us‘ three season pass DLC drops, the Abandoned Territories Map Pack, will be available for download on October 15th. The map pack adds the following four maps to the game’s surprisingly fun multiplayer modes:

  • Suburbs – features random dynamic dust storms
  • Bus Depot – layered map with an overgrown urban area and wild giraffes in the background
  • Hometown – “dark, eerie, moonlit, environment” which is said to be “perfect” for stealth
  • Bookstore – a bi-level map with a “unique dose of vertical gameplay”

Very few details were announced about the final DLC drop, however, Naughty Dog did confirm that it will be “multiplayer focused” and will be released during the “first half” of 2014.

Finally, the studio revealed that they are adding over 60 different “head items” that players will be able to use to customize their multiplayer character. The items are free for season pass holders (who save 75% on all the DLC with their $19.99 purchase), or they can be purchased individually for an unannounced price.

The other thing to note about the upcoming DLC packs, is that Naughty Dog has confirmed that they will be adding new trophies to the game with the drops. No details were provided about the new trophies, so we don’t know if they will be included with both the single and multiplayer DLC.

Check out the screenshots for the Abandoned Territories Map Pack in the gallery below, and give us your thoughts on The Last of Us DLC announcements in the comments. Is this in line with your expectations, or were you expecting more out of the season pass?