Nearly 20% Of All Xbox 360 Games Are Now Playable On Xbox One

E3 is rarely heralded as a place for originality, despite the entire affair being dedicated to informing the public of what’s new in video games. The number “4” ran rampant through the show, showing up in the titles of Uncharted and Fallout, and more subtly in Mass: Andromeda and Doom. Between the rapturous reaction to news of Xbox One getting backwards compatibility, and the collective freakout over a Final Fantasy VII remake, it’s not as if publishers aren’t giving players what they want by playing to their nostalgia. But what they also want, and what the industry needs long-term, is a healthier selection of original titles that can go and be remade/sequel-ized ad nauseam a decade from now.


While it might not be its most lauded or touted feature, the inclusion of backwards compatibility on the Xbox One has been a godsend for many gamers, myself included. Originally announced at E3 2015, the ability to play Xbox 360 games natively on an Xbox One was added to the system last year via a firmware update.

In the time since, the list of backwards compatible games has grown significantly. As reported by The Inner Circle Gaming Network, there are currently 308 different Xbox 360 games that can be enjoyed on an Xbox One (at the time of this writing). In total, there are 1,722 Xbox 360 games in existence (across both physical and digital titles). However, 160 of those games cannot be played on the Xbox One due to hardware requirements and peripherals that aren’t supported (for example, the Guitar Hero titles).

Dropping that number down to 1,562, that means that 19.72% of all Xbox 360 games are playable on the Xbox One. With advancements and optimizations being made to the Xbox 360 emulation code, we can only hope that Microsoft continues to churn out backward compatible titles at a steady rate.

With over 300 games to choose from, there are plenty of standout hits that are currently available for play. One of the more notable options is Red Dead Redemptiona console exclusive title from Rockstar Games that can only be played on the Xbox One, unless you decide to hook up an older console such as the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3. Despite its age, the game has remained a favorite among fans, and after the backward compatibility announcement, sales for the game soared.