Need For Speed Launch Trailer Brings The Noise


On the eve of its arrival – a time when Ghost Games is putting the final touches on its slick, retooled ride – the thundering launch trailer for the studio’s Need for Speed reboot has drifted online, showcasing thrills, spills and some truly novel live-action cutscenes.

Returning to the neon-drenched underground that helped define EA’s sub-franchise, Ghost’s creative overhaul cherry-picks some of the more intriguing gameplay elements from the entire series – intense events along with races and chases with the law – and every sliver of footage has us feeling cautiously optimistic.


Ghost Games also confirmed some time ago that its Need for Speed overhaul would be always-online, meaning that budding racers will need to have a consistent and stable Internet connection before taking to the streets of Ventura Bay. And though that feature has caused more problems than enough in the past, it’s worth noting that the developer has no plans for microtransactions in the racer, while any and all DLC released post-launch will be free of charge.

Need for Speed launches for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One come November 3 and November 5, in North America and Europe, respectively. To get the jump on the vehicles included in the racer, check out Ghost Games’ rundown from last week.