NHL 13 Will Feature A Redesigned Hockey Ultimate Team Mode

On September 11, NHL 13 will offer a redesigned version of Hockey Ultimate Team in addition to its other enhancements. That renovated version of the mode will not be driven by salary cap or career length limitations, both of which bogged it down in previous series entries. Additionally, its HUD and line management options have been streamlined and updated, allowing for easier roster optimization, as well as opposition scouting which will come in handy prior to games played against each Team of the Week.

With regards to card purchasing, new gold packs will be made available for a certain price, allowing fans to add a large amount of new cards to their ever-expanding collection. The metallic pack type’s inclusion should help out a lot, especially if key players go down with injuries. However, a lot of the new cards earned through that pricey purchase option will probably end up on the trading market, which can now be accessed from the mode’s main menu, or HUD as the industry likes to call it.

All of the updates EA Canada made to Hockey Ultimate Team in NHL 13 are detailed in the following trailer:

This second promotional video also focuses on HUT, giving cover athlete Claude Giroux a chance to pick his ideal five-man starting line-up out of the National Hockey League’s current talent pool:

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