NHL 15 Shows Off Its Revamped Physics, Makes Jaws Drop With New Screens



By now, you’ve likely heard the news if you’re an NHL fan; that being how NHL 15 will be the most realistic and most unpredictable hockey game to date. It’s a lofty statement in a sense, but a given in another, considering the advanced technology that EA Canada has at its disposal this time around.

Today has seen the release of yet another promotional trailer for the upcoming hockey sim, and this one focuses on physics. There’s talk about wholly revamped puck physics, much more realistic player physics, and unpredictability. It’s all impressive and will leave you drooling, but if you’ve read my hands-on preview then you’ll already be aware of all of these things.

Having played NHL 15, I’m in a great position to concur with EA, because this year’s iteration certainly has the best physics I’ve ever seen in a hockey game. It’s also a heck of a lot of fun, and is far less predictable than any of its predecessors. Based on those factors, as well as the other things I saw and felt while knocking my pal Chaz Neeler around the ice, I feel safe in saying that it might just be the best hockey game of all-time when it launches this fall. Then again, we should expect that.

Look below for the noted trailer, as well as its predecessor, which focused on rebuilding the game’s player models for next-gen systems. Then, when you’re finished with those, check out the gorgeous new screens.

Drop the puck with NHL 15 on September 9, a day that will certainly be looked upon as a holiday in Canada-land.

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