NHL 16 Devs Talk Balance In New Video Diary


The latest in EA Canada’s NHL 16 developer diary series is all about balance.

Once again, in an effort to improve the realism of its sim, Electronic Arts has revamped its movement mechanics to allow for a more lifelike experience. This includes bettering players’ balance, improving their puck control, letting them stop and start as they need to and giving them the option of strafing out of a standstill in order to quickly find a shooting lane. All of the above ties into the series’ general True Performance Skating system, which was introduced a few years ago and has made a big difference since.

Another thing that this trailer promises is seamless puck pick-ups, which is something that should make things a lot easier and much less frustrating. After all, there are few things more annoying in hockey than having the puck bounce off of your stick when you’re anticipating a breakout pass.

Based on these trailers, and the many minutes I spent with NHL 16 at last month’s E3 expo, I’m confident in saying that it’s shaping up to be the next-gen hockey game we’ve all been hoping for. Now, if only they’d change its ugly cover art…

NHL 16 will strafe onto Xbox One and PS4 on September 15th.