Nightmarish Resident Evil 3 Mod Replaces Nemesis With Shrek

Resident Evil 3

The Resident Evil 3 modding community is at it again.

As you’d expect, given the absurd number of fan edits made to Mr. X in last year’s Resident Evil 2 remake, Nemesis has already been transformed into the likes of Thomas the Tank Engine and even a dinosaur (Dino Crisis remake when, Capcom!?), but even they pale in comparison to this latest creation. Revealing the fruits of their labor over on YouTube, MrMarco1003’s video replaces Umbrella’s bioweapon with cinema’s most famous ogre, Shrek, and you can check out the mod for yourselves above.

A respectable recreation of the character’s likeness, no doubt, but as is usually the case with these sorts of pet projects, animations are somewhat lacking. Hardly surprising, given the time, effort and resources required to bring a digital character to life, though in this case, the lack of facial expression on Shrek’s big green mug actually adds to the fear factor.

Eager to spice up your post-apocalyptic escape from Raccoon City with a replacement for Nemesis? MrMarco’s and, indeed, a great many other fan-made mods for Resident Evil 3 and its predecessor can be installed through the use of FluffyQuack’s well-known manager app over on Nexus Mods. You can hit the link below to be taken straight to the relevant page with everything you need to know in order to get the program up and running.

As for Resident Evil 3, Capcom recently confirmed that the threequel has already sold in excess of 2 million copies which, when added to the franchise’s entire lifetime sales, has pushed the franchise beyond 100 million units sold. Not too shabby, then, and fans can expect that figure to grow even further next year with the presumed heavily rumored release of Resident Evil 8. See here for all the details.