Ninja Isn’t Happy With Fortnite’s Avengers: Endgame Content

Fortnite Season 8

Not every new content drop introduced to Fortnite‘s sandbox has been welcomed with open arms since 2017. Several, let’s say, problematic elements have infiltrated Battle Island over the years, initially presenting themselves as fun new features encouraging different approaches to gameplay, only to later be spurned by the community for being too overpowered or poorly-implemented.

Notable offenders like the X-4 Stormwing plane and Season 8’s Baller vehicle have required numerous changes or outright removal in order to remedy complains in the past, though other alternatives have since presented themselves. Separated from standard competitive playlists as they are, Limited-Time Modes give Epic free reign to bring back previously Vaulted items to be used in a setting where no damage, relatively speaking, can be caused.

That’s the case, at least, for Fortnite‘s currently ongoing Avengers: Endgame crossover, which has hailed the return of Thanos.

This time around, there’s no chance of the Marvel supervillain causing upset to Fortnite‘s wider metagame, but even still, not everyone is satisfied with the end result. During one recent play session, top streamer Ninja voiced his disappointment over the current LTM, though this time it wasn’t Thanos receiving all the hate. Rather, it’s the approach Epic took to representing the various members of the Avengers that drew criticism, specifically the way in which fans get to utilize their powers.

Rather than introduce the likes of Iron Man, Captain America and Thor to Endgame as playable characters, Epic instead opted to include only various items (i.e. shield, hammer and gauntlets) to represent them. After repeatedly dodging the question of why he’s not a fan of the mode, Ninja finally relents and explains how the event is essentially a missed opportunity.

It’ll no doubt be down to the individual whether their opinions align with Ninja’s own, but he nonetheless raises an interesting point. If Thanos was deemed important enough to be properly represented in Fortnite, why not the good guys? The question will likely remain rhetoric, as it’s unlikely that Epic will ever have an answer to give. But if they do, we’ll be sure to let you know.