Ninja Theory’s Hellblade Features A Mythical Battle Against Mental Illness


As promised, the creative minds at Ninja Theory have pulled back the curtain on the maiden gameplay clip for the studio’s new IP, Hellblade, which introduces us to badass Celtic warrior Senua.

Long before today’s trailer reveal, we understood that NT’s latest project would incorporate supernatural elements and project them across a mythic setting, but today is our first tangible look at the title’s core storyline, which will largely revolve around our protagonist’s mental affliction. This illness will manifest itself in Senua’s journey into the depths of Hell, with Hellblade’s leading lady battling her own demons as much as the physical, towering monstrosities standing in front of her.

By placing psychosis front and center in the game’s plot, Ninja Theory has earned the backing of mental health charity Wellcome Trust, and it’s this tenet that has us all the more excited for Senua’s mythical journey.

“Developing Hellblade independently gives us the freedom to tackle a subject as challenging as mental health,” said Ninja Theory communications manager Dominic Matthews. “It is a subject that we are handling with all the respect it deserves, ensuring that our portrayal of Senua’s condition is both accurate and sensitive.

“To help us with this we are working closely with Professor Paul Fletcher, a professor of Health Neuroscience at the University of Cambridge, as well as arranging to consult directly with people who have experience of mental health difficulties.”

Currently slated for a release on PlayStation 4 and PC, Hellblade is expected to debut either at the tail-end of this year or the beginning of next, and we’ll be sure to keep you updated with Ninja Theory’s most intriguing project as it develops.