Nintendo Outlines Its Plans For E3 2017; Super Mario Odyssey To Be Playable


Nintendo is once again opting not to hold a big press conference similar to its peers at this year’s E3, but that doesn’t mean the Big N won’t be out in full force to bring fans the latest on its most hotly-anticipated titles. Split over the three-day period will be an initial presentation – dedicated to the Switch and the games headed to the young console throughout 2017 – promptly followed by a Nintendo Treehouse stream where developers will show off the latest fruits of their labor.

Outside of all the tantalizing new gameplay surely headed your way, live tournaments for both Splatoon 2 and ARMS will be held on June 13 and 14 at Nintendo’s E3 booth. Check out the image below for a full rundown of when and where everything will be taking place.

That about covers everything for those who’ll be viewing the goings on at E3 through streams and trailers, but what about attendees? In case you hadn’t heard, the world’s biggest electronic entertainment convention is opening its doors to the public for the first time ever this year, so if you’ve managed to secure yourself a ticket, this will be your chance to go hands-on with 2017’s biggest triple-A titles ahead of launch, including Super Mario Odyssey.

“Proceedings will be headlined by the first-ever opportunity to play the Super Mario Odyssey game, Mario’s upcoming sandbox-style adventure for the Nintendo Switch system,” says Nintendo, with other, unspecified Switch titles also scheduled to be playable.

That’s good to hear, but I’m also hoping Nintendo has a few secrets primed and ready to be revealed next month. Mario’s return is definitely something to be celebrated and a much-needed first-party boost for the Switch following The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, but if it can pull a surprise Metroid or Pokemon announcement out of the bag, it could well prove to be this year’s winner.

We’ll see what the future brings.

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