Nintendo Announces New Super Luigi U Release Dates For Digital Download And Retail


With this morning’s Nintendo Direct livestream came an update regarding the company’s previously announced Year of Luigi. What was said exactly? Well, the suits at the Big N let us know that New Super Mario Bros. U will be hijacked by the green-clad plumber on June 20 in both North America and Europe, as that’s their official release date for the platformer’s anticipated New Super Luigi U DLC. Going further, it was mentioned that the expansion will set you back a cool $19.99.

What’s interesting to note is that New Super Luigi U will also be available through retail, though not on the same day. Those who’d prefer that version of the add-on will have to wait until later in the summer to get their hands on it, with Europe’s release date listed as July 26 and North America’s noted as August 25. Although the wait will surely suck, the $29.99 disc-based version does not require the main game, which will be a pro for some.

Continuing on with the talk regarding this DLC pack, which aims to introduce a Luigi-focused campaign that feels ‘all-new’ thanks to changes made to the in-game world, you’ll surely be interested to hear that Nabbit will be reintroduced as a playable character. The mischievous critter, who we chased in the core New Super Mario Bros. U campaign, will be available in multiplayer modes, offering players a chance to avoid taking damage while touching enemies. The trade-off here is that he won’t be able to use power-ups like the others, which seems fair.

We’ll keep you updated with news regarding New Super Luigi U as its release dates approach. Keep checking back for more information while you take breaks from saving the Mushroom Kingdom as Super Mario.