Nintendo Details Splatoon’s Big August Update; New Weapons, Gear And Level Cap Inbound



Nintendo’s colorful venture into the hyper-competitive genre of shooters may have raised a few eyebrows prior to launch, but after firing past 1 million sales in little under a month, the proof is in the ink: Splatoon is a bona fide hit.

In order to maintain the game’s momentum, The Big N has been steadily releasing new content free of charge, be it additional maps or game modes for players to delve into. It’s a pragmatic approach to DLC that has irrefutably won over the audience, and next month will see the release of Splatoon‘s biggest content update to date.


As detailed over on Nintendo’s official blog, the patch has been slated for August 6 and will herald an increased level cap – up to 50 from the original 20 – not to mention the addition of Squad Battles and the S and S+ battle rankings. Additionally, the publisher is assuring fans that it will soon be easier to matchmake with friends, with Private Battles allowing budding sharpshooters to host their own player lobbies before inviting friends and fine-tuning the match settings to their heart’s desire.

In fact, within these private domains, players can change the game’s set-up, opting for 1v4, 2v6 or any other variation within Splatoon‘s 8-player multiplayer arena. Beyond these new-fangled modes, 40 pieces of brand new gear will be made available, along with a pair of weapons: the Sloshers and Splatlings.

The Big N plans to release Splatoon‘s biggest content update to date on August 6. Mind you, there’s still plenty more to come for the publisher, with co-director Tsubasa Sakaguchi recently confirming that additional in-game modes and maps were in the works for further down the line.

Source: Nintendo

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