Nintendo Is Hard At Work On A New Mario Game


In the upcoming issue of Edge Magazine, the publication sits down with members of Nintendo’s design team to talk about the company’s iconic plumber. Therein, the magazine says it’s revealed that a brand new Mario game is in the works.

As you’d expect from a preliminary announcement such as this, details were kept mum during the interview. In fact, the developer wasn’t even able (or willing) to say what system the new project is being developed for. Still, despite their zipped lips, they did say that if the game does come to Wii U it “might need to make even more use of the GamePad.”

Listed below are some excerpts from the interview, which featured producer Yoshiaki Koizumi and Kenta Motokura, the game’s co-director and Nintendo EAD’s team leader.

When asked about what system the game will come to: “That’s still a secret!” he says. “I can tell you, though, that we’ve already started approaching our next challenge.”

“There’s still a lot more room for discovery and invention, and we’ll continue to propose new and exciting game mechanics going into the future.”

Although that’s all we can report at this point, the fact that a new Mario game is in development is good news for Nintendo fans, myself included. It may be a pipe dream, but here’s hoping it’ll end up being an RPG in the vein of Super Mario RPG, or Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door.