Is This Nintendo’s New Super Mario Bros. 2 Launch Trailer?

Nintendo’s core Mario Bros. franchise is an interesting specimen because it’s managed to employ the same formula for three decades without issue. That’s a true testament of just how good, and popular, the NES launch title and its follow-ups have been, even if they have occasionally received flack due to a lack of noticeable evolution.

What we have for you here is what seems to be the Big N’s launch trailer for next weekend’s big 3DS release, New Super Mario Bros. 2. Confirmation on that assumption is not there at this point, and the video does happen to be in French.

However, it certainly has the look and feel of a launch trailer, as well as an advertiser’s touch. After all, it starts off with footage from Super Mario Bros. 3, then jumps twenty-four years into the future to show gameplay segments from its 2012 sequel.

New Super Mario Bros. 2 will be released in North America on August 19. Make sure to come back for our in-depth review, which will be published on that very day.

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