Non-Gaming Press “Confirms” Xbox Infinity Name For Durango


The recently rumored Xbox Infinity branding has once again been tagged as being the final name for Microsoft’s next-gen console (Xbox 720/Durango). However, this time the rumored name takes a different twist, as it comes from outside the normal gaming press channels.

International Business Times UK reported this last week that the rumored logo for Xbox Infinity, which surfaced earlier this month, has been “confirmed” by their own source as legitimate. Naturally, the source for the confirmation was not revealed, however, International Business Times UK notes that the person is “related to development of the new Xbox.” IBTimes also reported that development kits for the console have already been distributed to third-party studios — which would seem to be the one part of the report that nobody could possibly argue with at this point.

Aside from the “confirmation” on the Xbox Infinity name, the report also runs down a few other rumors about the console that have been batted around over the last several months; always-on, potential to block pre-owned software at developers’ discretion, and that Respawn Games is developing a launch title for the console. All of these rumors have gone back and forth for months now, so take them all with a grain of salt — especially the bit about the Respawn Games launch title.

Microsoft is officially set to reveal their next-gen Xbox — or Xbox Infinity, if the rumor holds true — at a press event on May 21st. Hopefully, we will get all or most of our questions about the upcoming console answered at that time.

In the meantime, make sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments below on the rumor that Xbox Infinity will be the name of Microsoft’s next console. Does the branding make sense, or would Microsoft be better served by sticking with something that doesn’t include a symbol in the name?