Rumor: Leaked Sonic Game Reveals Next Xbox Name


Sonic Generations Egg Dragoon

Given that Microsoft has confirmed that they will reveal the next console in the Xbox brand on May 21, it only seems natural that the rumor mills start churning. The latest rumor is a substantial one, as the name of Microsft’s next-gen console may have been prematurely leaked.

A user on the NeoGAF forums recently posted alleged information on an upcoming game titled Sonic Excursion, with the kicker being the systems listed. The game is supposedly being released for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii U, PC, 3DS, PlayStation 4, and most importantly, the Xbox Infinite. A supposed logo for the console has also surfaced.


As always, rumors should not be taken as fact until proven, so don’t take this as a definite confirmation of either Sonic Excursion‘s existence or the name Xbox Infinite being final. What is interesting, however, is that this same user has leaked the existence of every major Sonic game since Sonic Unleashed a few years back, so there is a precedence of truth.

Personally, I think both the system name and logo respectively sound and look pretty appealing and slick, and definitely would not mind Microsoft going with this choice. Of course, there’s still a pretty good chance that this information is completely wrong, and the system will end up with something totally different. In any case, one’s thing for sure – May 21st is going to put a lot of rumors to rest.

We will keep you updated on news regarding the Xbox brand as it develops. In the meantime, post your thoughts on this rumor in the comments below.

Source: Game Rant

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