Oculus Touch Controllers To Launch This December, Will Set You Back $199


After being slapped with a frustrating delay earlier this year, Oculus has finally confirmed a new release date for their Oculus Touch controllers, no doubt bringing joy to all those early adopters among you who purchased the Rift VR headset they were made for.

Unveiled during the company’s Oculus 3 Connect conference, the two controllers will ship from December 6 and cost almost the same price as an Xbox One S console. If you’ve already gone as far as to purchase a VR headset, $199 probably won’t faze you, and the price could prove to be well worth it.

Besides shipping with two free games – VR Sports Challenge and The Unspoken – each thumbstick can read the most precise of movements and, if you’re willing to go the extra mile, can be paired with a $79 sensor, which will turn your entire room into a VR-enabled playroom.

Ironically, combining the base Oculus Rift headset with the Touch and sensor, the total price comes out at around $880, that’s almost $100 more than the HTC Vive, which is technically the most powerful VR device of the three main examples currently available.

In related news, Sony’s PlayStation VR launched earlier this week for $349, which doesn’t include the required PlayStation Camera or optional PlayStation Move controllers.

The battle lines have been drawn. Let the VR wars begin.