It’s Official: Castle Crashers Is Coming To Steam!

Following its 2008 debut, Castle Crashers quickly became the number one Xbox LIVE Arcade game to own. Its combination of colourful sprites, addictive gameplay, unique settings and accessible co-op resulted in that high level of success, which was definitely well-deserved.

Since then, The Behemoth’s quirky downloadable title has been ported over to Sony’s PlayStation 3, giving those who own either of the industry’s two high-definition consoles a chance to play the award-winning beat ’em up. However, PC gamers haven’t been so lucky, and may have thought that they were going to be left out of the exciting digital party. At least, until today.

During this morning’s wee hours, it was announced that Castle Crashers will, in fact, be making its way to the PC market thanks to Steam. As of right now, it’s not clear as to when that will occur, but the game’s developer officially mentioned that it’s “almost here”. Following that comment, a representative stated the following;

“This is our first time at the event, and we’re sending our very own John Baez to the show all by himself!”

Those in attendance at this week’s Gamescom convention will have a chance to demo this exciting new version of Castle Crashers, while those stuck in North America will have to wait until PAX Prime opens up in a couple of weeks. At that point in time, Battleblock Theatre (XBLA) will also be available for demonstration.

Note: It has been confirmed that the Steam version of the game will include gamepad functionality to go along with its Steam Cloud-based local and online multiplayer.

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