Official Grand Theft Auto 6 Announcement May Arrive Next Month

Grand Theft Auto 6

The internet continues to be awash with rumors for a certain Rockstar sequel as we head into the New Year.

Thanks to a near-total lack of information from the developer itself, fans have been speculating over every aspect of Grand Theft Auto 6 for what feels like a lifetime. Where will the sequel be set? What time period? Will it have a new online component? Who are the main characters? That tirade of nearly endless questions shows no signs of ending and, with 2013’s Grand Theft Auto V fast approaching its seventh birthday, patience is beginning to wear thin.

As is tradition, of course, Rockstar seemingly feels no need to rush the next entry in its billion-dollar franchise, a decision it may come to regret, should any of today’s developments turn out to be true.

In a now-deleted thread posted on Reddit last week, user Enki2019 dropped a massive batch of details pertaining to GTA 6 which, while totally unverified, lines up with many so-called leaks fans have been hearing of over the last several months. That includes, among others, that the upcoming installment will feature a brother/sister combo for the player character and main antagonist respectively. What’s more, the whistleblower stipulates that actors John Leguizamo and Roselyn Sanchez will voice said roles and that the story will primarily take place in Vice City.

See the full list of supposed features below:

  • John Leguizamo will be voicing Matías González (Main Protagonist)
  • Roselyn Sanchez will be voicing Valeria Madrina (Main Villain) (Based on Griselda Blanco)
  • Set in 80’s and early 90’s
  • Vice City is the main city (With Surrounding, small islands)
  • 2 other cities (Colombia, Bogota) (USA, Fort Lauderdale)
  • Approximately 9 small towns scattered between Vice City and Fort Lauderdale
  • Colombia will be similar to North Yankton (Cannot fly there but will be roughly the size of the city in GTA 5)
  • Late 2021 release date, possibly early 2022
  • Map has been designed with air travel in mind
  • 2 main protagonists (brother and sister)
  • 6 star wanted level returns
  • Online mode will be more story driven (Red dead style)
  • Fuel in cars will feature for the first time
  • Own personal vehicles can be purchased
  • Weapons can be stored in the trunk
  • Police system will be similar to RDR2 (Investigation so they will not know your exact location at all times)
  • Announcement in February (no trailer)
  • Trailer scheduled for April

As always, we can’t stress enough that everything you see here should be taken with a massive pinch of salt, though you won’t have long to wait in order to learn of the leak’s validity. Should Enki2019 be telling the truth, then Rockstar will finally unveil Grand Theft Auto 6 next month with a trailer to follow in April.

Fingers crossed that’s the case – we’re not sure how much longer fans are able (or willing) to wait. Watch this space.