Oryx Seeks Revenge In Cinematic Trailer For Destiny: The Taken King


Bungie has debuted yet another trailer for its much-hyped expansion for Destiny, The Taken King. Trumpeting the shooter’s story elements – stop giggling at the back –  the CG sizzle reel heralds the arrival of Oryx, the titular deity that has come to enact his revenge on every Guardian in the solar system.

Arriving only a few days after the DLC’s gameplay trailer, the studio is ramping up production ahead of the add-on’s launch next week, with a myriad of improvements due to arrive in tomorrow’s 2.0 update. Essentially designed to lay the groundwork for The Taken King, this will subsequently mean that there will be no daily or weekly events taking place in Destiny up until September 14, the eve of the expansion’s release.

When Destiny 2.0.0 update releases, there will be no Weekly or Daily events (Nightfall, Daily Heroic Story, Heroic Strike) available for the week of September 8 – September 14, 2015.

If reports are to be believed, Destiny ventured close to hot waters earlier today when a lawsuit unearthed details that seemingly indicate the dramatic changes that the game’s storyline underwent prior to release. These statements surfaced as part of an ongoing legal dispute between Bungie and a former employee, though it’s worth noting that the studio is yet to make an official response.

Circling back to The Taken King, though, and Destiny fans can look forward to new subclasses for Hunters, Warlocks and Titans alike, additional strikes and a whole new area in the form of the Dreadnaught. Much like the Vault of Glass raid before it, the expansion’s King’s End raid won’t be included on day one, and will instead be introduced a few days after the fact.

The Taken King will introduce Destiny 1.5 when Bungie’s new-fangled expansion arrives across all platforms on September 15. The King’s End raid, meanwhile, will land on September 18.