The Taken King Raid Will Go Live For Destiny Players On September 18; Six-Hour Maintenance Takes Place Tomorrow


When Bungie announced the disappointing news that The Taken King‘s raid mission was being held back from launch, Guardians feared they would be left waiting for weeks before the mission was drafted in to Destiny. Low and behold, fans of the shared-world shooter need only wait an additional three days before the much-anticipated raid drops, after the studio confirmed as much via a livestream event earlier today.

Bungie has said that the raid itself – entitled King’s Fall – is the largest one they’ve yet created, easily outmatching the scale and scope of both Vault of Glass and Crota’s End.


As players begin to scramble across the four corners of the solar system in an attempt to wrangle together a fireteam, the studio also detailed some updates relating to the raid via its Twitter feed, which you can consult below. Mind you, there’s more details to be found over on Bungie’s official blog.

Swords will not drop in The Taken King, you will have to forge them.

New ghost shells will have perks to help you find planetary materials by adding a waypoint when you get close.

Up to six other players can assist your Fireteam in the Court of Oryx.

Finally, in anticipation of The Taken King‘s release in a couple of weeks time, Destiny will be offline tomorrow for an extensive, six-hour bout of maintenance. Set to take place between 8am PT/11am ET and 2pm PT/5pm ET, Bungie has asked for the continued patience of fans as they look to lay the groundwork for the shooter’s soon-to-be-released expansion.

The Taken King will task Guardians with entering the Court of Oryx – and attempting to slay the titular god – when the expansion launches for Destiny on September 15. King’s Fall, meanwhile, will arrive shortly thereafter on September 18.

Source: IGN